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FanVIPS who are they & where can I find them

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2019 02:57PM UTC


Café Rose
If you love decorating and design in Home Street, you'll want to visit Legendary FanVIP Café Rose on Youtube for her Home Street home reviews! Café Rose streams Live every Thursday, so join her to chat and for a chance to win prizes. Café Rose on Youtube - Click to go here!

Stacy Ann Oba (Pebbles)
Join Stacy (Pebbles) for regular game updates, live chat, decorating tips and more - Click here to go!

The Girl Who Games
If you enjoy
play alongs, game tips and more, make sure to visit CharlotteTheGirlWhoGames on Youtube - Click here to go!

Jemimah Yarlee - Empress Star
For game updates, theme previews and more visit Empress Star - Click here to go!

Please remember to like and subscribe to your favorite Home Street FanVIPs to let them know that you are watching and to be notified of new content!


Fan Communities on Facebook

Join your favorite FanVIPs in Facebook fan groups dedicated to Home Street, where you can interact with other players, discuss the game, ask questions, post your Home Street pictures, and participate in FanVIP contests and giveaways for a chance to win in-game prizes!

What's up Home street! (Legendary Chez Café Rose) - Click here to go!

Home Street Community (Extraordinary Heather Cole) - Click here to go!

Pebbles "Rockin" Home Street (Extraordinary Stacy Ann "
Pebbles " Oba) - Click Here to go! 

We Love Home Street (Sociable Stephanie Gordon) - Click Here to go! 

Home Street Entertainment (Sociable Sofia Ann) - Click Here to go!  

Let's meet @Home Street (Sociable Val Manious) - Click Here to go!  

Language Communities on Facebook

Estrellas de Home street (Spanish, Extraordinary Gioconda) - Click here to go!

Home Street España (Spanish, Extraordinary Noelia Benitez) - Click here to go!

Home Street Play (Spanish, Sociable JC Flores) - Click here to go! 

Maison Rose Home Street (French, Sociable Abi Matt) - Click here to go!


FanVIPs on Twitter

@chezcaferose (Legendary Lena) - Click here to go! 

@Empresstarplay (Sociable Jemimah Yarlee) - Click here to go! 

FanVIPs on Instagram

@homestreet.lilyjane (Sociable Lily Jane) - Click here to go!
@maggiehomestreet (Sociable Maggie) - Click here to go!
@harmony_mood_swings (Sociable Melody) - Click here to go! 
@drippinfactory (Sociable Alex DeAlmeida) - Click here to go!  
@abi_matt_homestreetgame (Sociable Abi Matt) - Click here to go!  


Supersolid Archives (Legendary Alexis B)  - Click here to go!

The Girl Who Games (Legendary Charlotte)  - Click here to go! 

Home Street / Android / iOS (Russian, Sociable VKontakte) - Click here to go!

Home Street Design (Russian, Sociable Kvasudak) - Click here to go!


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