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Guide: Bingo Events

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 01:00PM UTC
A Guide to Bingo Events
Take part in our amazing new Bingo event to win outstanding prizes and unique never seen before decorations! Participate and show the world you are the best Bingo player in the neighborhood!
You can find the Bingo Board in the Event/Park area of the game. Bingo events and
Neighborhood events will not overlap and are completely unrelated to each other. Bingo events are for players to participate in individually. 

Tapping on the bingo board will show you your bingo task squares.
The aim is to complete jobs in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line to achieve Bingo! If you complete two or three bingos at the same time, you will get special bonus bingo points!
When completing double or triple Bingo, remember to leave the intersecting square until last!


Be careful to make sure to select your best strategy to complete your bingo lines, as you can complete one, two or a maximum of three lines in your board at one time.
On the right side, you will see the grid of tasks for you to complete. These tasks can be comprised of regular items from your stations or special event items that are unique to the Bingo Event. Event-based products will be saved in your Event Inventory.

Each small square on the bingo board is a separate task for you to complete, for which you will earn the bingo points shown above the product image.
Tapping on one of the Bingo Square tasks will give you the following options:
• Complete (if you have the amount required)
• Complete with gems (if you don’t have required amount)
• Discard: Discarding a task will instantly replace the Bingo Job with a new one for you to complete.


When you complete a Bingo task square, the square will display a green check mark and the Bingo points will be added to your score, making your Milestone bar (displayed on the left side of your screen) advance.

If the order you completed was boosted, the points made will be multiplied according to the Bingo boost you currently have activated. (see below for Bingo boosts)
Important: When you complete a Job task square, the items will be removed from your inventory.
Once you complete a Bingo, the board will reset and you will have a new board to complete.
As you continue to earn bingo points, you will be able to earn unique special milestone rewards and never before seen decorations. After the first milestone, you will match up and compete with another 99 players for a chance to win big and amazing leaderboard prizes.
 You will have three main milestones prizes with unique decorations related to the event theme. With the main milestone prizes you will also receive a 25% boost and a voucher.
After the third milestone is completed, you will start earning mystery boxes prizes.
You can see your milestone progress bar to the right, with a display of what milestone Prize you will be able to reach first. By tapping on the magic hat icon in your milestone progress bar, you will be able to see what other prizes will be given on the following event milestones.

After the third milestone is completed, you will start earning mystery boxes prizes.
Speedy Bingo Bonus:
 You will get additional bingo points for completing a bingo in the allotted given time. The number of points given on this boost will change from Bingo to Bingo. If you don’t complete a Bingo in the allotted time, the Speedy Bingo Bonus icon will disappear. It will reappear for the next Bingo board you get.
Bingo Boosts:
 You can boost your Bingo points using tokens, gems or by reaching a new milestone. Boosts will be available for 1 hour once activated. When you activate a boost, you will be able to see how many extra points you will receive on each order on the Job bingo box score.

You can purchase 25% boosts using Tokens or get one for free by reaching a new milestone.
While only one boost can be activated at a time, you will have the ability to collect and save a maximum of 3 boosts in your inventory. If you win another boost after the third, this last one will automatically be sold back for coins in the game.
Using gems: You can boost your Bingo points by 50% using gems. Once this boost is activated, it will be available for 1 hour.
Note: You won’t be able to activate a 25% boost at the same time as a 50% boost.
Buy Triple Bingo:
 You can use gems to complete your board and earn a Triple Bingo at the lowest possible gem price possible. Each time you complete a job, the gem amount will be re-calculated.

 Once you complete the first milestone on the Bingo board, you will be matched up against another 99 players for the chance to win top prizes!
To check the Leaderboard, tap on the white and Blue Crown button on the top left corner of the bingo board screen. This will show you your current ranking in the board and will also display the other players you are matched against and the prizes you are eligible to earn.

If you have the same score as another player, you both will both be placed in the same ranking on the board and will be eligible for the same prizes, so long you both maintain the same score once the event is completed and the scores are calculated.
End of Event
 You will get a notification that the event has ended and will receive 200 coins for your participation.

Once the event results have been calculated (please be aware this can take a while) you will receive a message with the end of Event results, followed by a Leaderboard prize box with the prizes you won.

Is the Bingo event related to Neighborhood events?
 Bingo events are completely unrelated to Neighbourhood events. These are individual events that will not affect your teams league standing nor will you (or your team) receive a trophy as a prize for participating.
Why did the tiles on my board change?
 Once you complete your bingo (one, two or three lines) you will get a new board to complete.
How many players will be matched in a group/leaderboard?
 There will be 100 players per group. Matching will be based around player level and what time you have qualified for the event.
How many points are needed to qualify for the Bingo Leaderboard?
 You will need approximately 170 bingo points to qualify on the Bingo event and compete against other players.
What are the contents of the Mystery boxes earned after milestone three?
 Once you pass the third milestone, mystery milestone boxes will contain secret prizes. You will be able to see what prize you will get if you reach the following milestone to the left side of the main Bingo board.
I don’t have all workstations available at my level, will I get Bingo squares asking for items from those stations?
 You will never get a task from a Job station you don’t own in the game.

Link to Official Home Street Bingo Video:

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