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Guide: Food Club Gifting

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2018 11:39AM UTC
Food Club Gifting
Food Club Gifting enables players to donate items in response to request for ingredients and dishes from other members in their Food Club!

Requesting Help

To send a Help Request tap on the new “help” tab in your Food Club chat.

*If you are not in a Food Club, it will instead show a button to allow you to join a Food Club:

Tap “Request item” to create a Help request, you will see the below image, which is very similar to what you see in the market. This will allow you to choose an item.

After selecting the item you would like help with, the request will be posted to your help tab (it will be added to the top of the list and does not move) and also will appear in other members’ Help Request tab and they will be able to start donating. * Please note that the item quantity is set per item and cannot be changed
This is how your help request will appear to your Food Club members:

Help Request Timer

Each request lasts for 8 hours after which they’ll expire and removed from your Help Requests.

The items that have been donated to you but not yet collected will still be waiting for you to be collected (there is no expiry time on collecting your donations) but you must collect these donated items before being able to post a new request

Requests are deleted when completed or you leave your Food Club, However, outstanding donated items will remain.

After posting a request, an 8 hour cool down timer starts, during this period you cannot post any additional item requests.

Donating items

When you see another player’s request, you can adjust the amount you want to donate by tapping the plus and minus buttons and donate anywhere between 1 and a maximum number that is set for each item (unless the maximum exceeds the number of item that is remaining in a request).

If you would like to donate more items than you currently have in your inventory you can do so using gems.
In the above image, “Mr jj” has requested help of 8 Tomatoes from his Food Club members. So far he has not received any. Tap Donate 1/2 to send Mr jj 1 tomato or tap the + sign again and then tap Donate 2/2 to send 2 tomatoes, which is the maximum allowed on this request.

The request will indicate when you have reached your donation limit .

Collecting Donations

You can collect the donations from your Food club members as they are filled by tapping on the green Collect button.

*Time left indicates the time left for your requests NOT the time left to collect your items.

When you Tap on “Collect” it will bring up a list of the people who donated and under each portrait it show the total number of items they each donated. If there are more than 5 people who have helped, only the ones with the highest donations will show.

Collected items will be automatically sent into your storage or fridge. If you still have more items to be filled in your request and there is time left on the request, the collect button will turn grey and the requested amount will update:

Tab Notification Counter

A Notification will appear in the help tab (megaphone icon) of your Food Club Chat when there are new requests from fellow food club members or other players donating to your requests. Notifications are cleared once you open the gifting tab and will no longer show as a new notification.

Q: Can I use this gifting feature with all my in-game friends?
A: Only players in your Food Club can see your request and contribute to it. Your in-game friends or strangers who you encounter on the market will not be able to see your request.

Q: What types of items can I request?
A: All dishes, ingredients and crops (aside from fishing collectibles) that are unlocked at your level
Saws and Helping Hands
Event dishes during an event. Any outstanding requests will be deleted when the event is over.

Q: My request or donation does not appear on my Food Club friend’s request tab (or my Food Club’s friend’s request or donation doesn’t appear on mine?
A: Sometimes when you send a request or donate to one it takes some time to load up on your Food Club friend’s device. It will typically take a few minutes to appear. If you want to speed up the process, try visiting Stella or any other restaurant and then returning to your restaurant opening the market. This will force a “refresh” of your request and donations

Q: When I select an item to request why is the last tab empty?
A: This is for event items only and will not display items on sale unless we have an event running

Q: Why did my request disappear after an event ended?
A: Items locked to an event will be removed from the request menu at the end of the event


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