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Guide: Water Slide

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018 01:33PM UTC

Water Slide
Play Food Street from June 28th 2018 to collect your new FREE Water Slide functional item from the shop! 

Collect your FREE Water Slide

Shop > Functional Tab
The Free Water Slide is available to players at level 8+.
To collect your Free Water Slide functional item, tap on the paintbrush at the bottom left of the game screen followed by the pet tab (picture of the dog) and then drag and drop the Free Water Slide into your restaurant to place it down.
If you can’t place your Free Water Slide, you may need to clear more room in order to set it down. If the tile grid under the space where you want to place your Free Water Slide is red then you will need to clear a bigger area to set it down. Once the tile grid under your Free Water Slide is completely green, your new free Water Slide can be placed in your restaurant.
Your new Free Water Slide can be collected until July 16th 2018. After that, the Free Water Slide will no longer be available to claim.
Important: You MUST collect your Free Water Slide between Jun 28th 2018 and jul 16th 2018. .
New type of functional item
The Free Water Slide is a brand new type of functional item that has never been seen before in Food Street! The Free Water Slide has 9 stages and is upgraded using a new type of currency, beach balls!
Earning Beach Balls
The Free Water Slide’s 9 upgrade levels are unlocked by collecting “Beach Balls”.
“Beach Balls” drop when you complete the following actions:
  • Regular menu orders
  • Chef Challenge Tasks
  • Food Club Tasks
  • Food Truck Orders
Beach Ball progress bar
Beach Ball Storage
Beach Balls are stored with the Free Water Slide item and are indicated by a number next to the item. No space is taken up in your Food Club Storage, your Pantry, or Fridge!

Beach Ball storage
Upgrading & Restocking

Stocking the Water Slide
  • Your Free Water Slide works the same as a regular functional item.
  • You will have to restock your Water Slide a set number of times before unlocking the ability to upgrade it.
  • You can still collect Beach Balls even if upgrading has not yet been unlocked.
  • Beach Balls will only start dropping AFTER you have first placed the Water Slide in your restaurant.
  • If you place the Water Slide back into your storage after having placed it down in your restaurant first, the Water Slide will continue to count Beach Balls.
  • You must take the Water Slide out of storage in order to upgrade it.
  • Once you have restocked your slide the required number of times and collected enough Beach Balls, the Yellow Upgrade button will appear below the stars - tap this to upgrade. (if your slide is active, you need to wait for the timer to run down before the upgrade button appears.
  • You must upgrade the slide BEFORE you restock the next time or the upgrade button will disappear & the counter will begin again and you will have to wait another 12 hours.
Upgrading the Water Slide
Why am I not earning Beach Balls?
In order to start collecting Beach Balls, you must first place the Water Slide down in your restaurant. Once the Water Slide has been placed in your restaurant for the first time, you can place it back into your storage and still collect Beach Balls.
Why can’t I upgrade my Water Slide, if I have collected enough Beach Balls?
You must take the Water Slide out of storage in order to upgrade it. If you cannot upgrade your Water Slide, even though you have collected enough Beach Balls, then you need to restock your Water Slide more times in order to reach the restocking requirement for upgrading. If your Water Slide is active then you have to wait until the timer runs out in order to upgrade it.

Can I still collect more Beach Balls while waiting to finish the required number of restocks for an upgrade?
Yes! You can still collect Beach Balls, even if it exceeds the upgrade requirement, and the counter will keep track of Beach Balls collected.
Once a new upgrade is available, what happens if I restock my Water Slide before I upgrade it?
You can still restock your Water Slide but it will NOT count towards unlocking the next upgrade.
I can’t find my Water Slide. What happened?
When you first find your Water Slide in the shops, it will appear at the top of the functional items (dog) tab. Once you have placed your Water Slide for the first time, if you put the Water Slide back into the storage then you will have to scroll through the list of all functional items in order to find it. Start scrolling down the list all of the items pictured under the functional items  (dog) tab and you will find your Water Slide there. Drag and drop it to place it back into your restaurant.
Is it possible to sell the Water Slide back to the shop?
No. Your Water Slide can’t be sold back to the shop. This is to prevent you from accidentally selling your Water Slide so that your item and progress is not lost by mistake.
I am below level 8. How can I get the Free Water Slide?
If you reach level 8 during the timeframe that the Water Slide is available, you will be able to claim your Water Slide by entering the shop, followed by the pet tab, and placing it down at your restaurant.
Will I still earn Beach Balls once the Water Slide is fully upgraded?
Congratulations on completing your Water Slide! You will no longer collect Beach Balls once you have fully completed the item.


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