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Guide: Community events (Level 6)

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017 10:36AM UTC

Community events are a style of event where the player community works together to reach specific goals to unlock personal AND combined rewards! Community events unlock at Level 6.

Unlike Food Club events, players do not compete with their Food Club as a group. Every Food Street player level 6 and above will all work towards the same goals to earn the same prizes.

Everyone who plays Food Street is considered a part of the Food Street Community and will be working together as one team contributing recipes to reach milestones and unlock rewards.

During a community event, you can participate by clicking on the Community event building shaped like a toaster (located between the newsstand and market).

You will need to contribute a certain amount of points to earn your Challenge badge. Once you have earned your challenge badge you will become eligible for all the rewards that the community earns. You will need to continue to contribute points to earn personal rewards.

If you have not unlocked all recipes the community is being asked to cook and contribute you will still be able to contribute with dishes you have unlocked. All players who are eligible to participate in the event (level 6+) will be able to contribute at least one of the recipes. Dishes that you cannot contribute towards will be shown as locked.

How many points you have contributed and the amount of points to the next milestone can both be located on the progress bar located near the top of your device.
Top contributors worldwide are also displayed within the community event.

The current progress of the community in the event can be located on the Community progress bar located near the bottom of your device.
Total contributions from the community can also be found within the community event.

Contributing dishes will reward you with coins and XP as well as challenge points.
When a community goal is reached, everyone participating in the challenge who has earned the challenge badge will receive that reward at the end of the challenge.
Rewards will be delivered through a pop up in the game. 

Personal milestone rewards will be rewarded as soon as you unlock them.

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