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Guide: Upgradeable functional items

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017 12:34PM UTC
Upgradeable Functional Items

In Food Street you can upgrade select functional items multiple times to produce a visual upgrade plus an increase in the xp and coin payout when collecting.

Not all functional items are or will be upgradable. Here is a list of previously released functional items that are now upgradable.
• Anniversary Cake (*only available in the shop until midnight of 9/30/2016.)
• Popcorn Machine
• Slushie Maker
• Soda Machine
• Charcoal Grill
• Tan German Shepherd
• Black German Shepherd
• Jukebox 

Upgrades will vary between each functional item. Upgrading your item will change:
• The look of the item (except Jukebox)
• Animations on the item
• The number of customers that can use/interact with the item.
• Amount of coin payout upon collection
• Amount of Xp payout upon collection
• Size of the item

All functional items listed in the inventory tab now have an “i” icon indicating more information is available. When you tap this icon, an information panel will slide out from the right side of your game screen. IF the item is upgradable the panel will display grayed out stars - one star for each time that specific item can be upgraded. You will notice the image rotating so you can preview the different visual changes for each upgrade.. 
Please note - the German Shepherd dogs do not display visual changes, upgrading them will result in improvements to the dog's home.

• To upgrade a functional item, first purchase and place the functional item that you wish to upgrade into your restaurant layout.
• Tap on the functional item to view what actions you need to do to be eligible to upgrade the selected functional item.
• Functional items will require you to restock a set # of times before you can upgrade it to the next level.
• Progress can be viewed on the progress bar located below the items name.
• Upgrades available are represented as stars. 
• Tapping on the stars displayed above the item name will show a description of that upgrade. 

Once the required number of restocks has been met, you will be shown the upgrade button.

Upgrading a functional item is similar to upgrading stoves and will take a set amount of time for the upgrade to complete. After you tap to upgrade, the item will enter into building mode and appear like a stack of crates. The item will be unusable until building time is completed. Tapping on the crate box will bring up info on how much time is left as well as the option to skip building time.
Please note - Upgrading some of the functional items may increase the size of space the functional item will take up in your restaurant. In this case, you will be asked to place down before upgrading can start. If you cancel the placing down of the item, the item does not change into a crate and you will not be charged for those vouchers.

When the timer ends, the crate will turn into a large gift box. Tap the gift box to reveal and start using the upgraded functional item. 

After you have completed your first upgrade, you are able to start on the next available upgrade by tapping on your functional item and viewing the details for the next upgrade.

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