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Guide: Tokens (Level 12)

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 01:43PM UTC

Tokens are an in-game currency which allow you to purchase event boosts during a Food Club event. Tokens unlock with the Food Club feature at level 12

Tokens can be earned by participating in Food Club Events.

At the start of an event you will earn a bundle of Tokens.

Additional Tokens are earned during events by reaching event milestones OR can be obtained via the Token or Treasure boxes in the prize tent.

You may also request donated tokens from your Food Club members using the Food Club Gifting feature.

Tokens will not expire when an event ends, all tokens in your chest will remain and you can continue to accumulate and use as you want.

Tokens are used to unlock Food Club Event Boosts.

There are 5 different types of tokens, each having a different rarity.
Rainbow Token
Melon Token
Pineapple Token
Onion Token
Cucumber Token

Every player’s Token Chest holds a capacity of up to 50 Tokens.

When you receive the event starter tokens, if the number of tokens exceeds your limit of 50, the extra tokens will be automatically sold for coins that are added to your current coin balance.

Tapping on the red trash can icon allows you to sell excess tokens for coins and so free up space.

ALL other tokens earned, or tokens received via mystery boxes will NOT be auto sold for coins and will be added to your inventory. Your token chest count will display as exceeding the 50 limit.

The Token Chest can be found located in the event area behind the prize tent and is accessible at all times whether an event is currently happening or not. Additionally, you are able to utilize the prize tent to obtain additional tokens at any time.

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