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Guide: The Dressing Room (Level 5)

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017 02:58PM UTC

The Dressing Room

Dress your staff for success by customizing their appearance in the Dressing Room. New items are unlocked as you progress through the game!

All players start with 2 staff members in their restaurant. More staff become available as you level up.

The Dressing Room can be found near the waterfront outside of your restaurant area.
Tapping the booth brings up the staff selection screen.

Select a staff member to bring up the customization options for him/her.

Select a customization category. This can be found at the top of your screen:

• Face
• Skin colour
• Hair
• Hats
• Accessories
• Tops
• Pants/Skirts

The number displayed on the bottom of each category represents how many new items you have unlocked but have not viewed.

Swiping left and right on your screen will allow you to scroll through the staff customization options. As you scroll the items will be placed on your staff member for you to view before selecting.

If you select an item your selected staff member is already customized with it will display a selected button.

If you select an item that is not already owned,  it will display a Get “item” button with the amount to purchase this item (vouchers in-game coins or gems).  Tap this to purchase the item.

If current selected item is owned but not currently being worn by that staff member it will display Wear “item” button. Tap this to place the item on your selected staff member.

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