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Guide: The Prize Tent (Level 9)

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2017 11:46AM UTC

The Prize Tent
The Food Street Prize Tent unlocks at level 9 and is located by the TV crew, behind the Market place.

In the Prize Tent you can find a whole range of exciting items - including previously released decorations & pets!

Some of the prizes will be offered for a limited time only so make sure to keep visiting!

The prize tent contains various mystery boxes that can be obtained using Vouchers or Gems.

There are a total of 6 different types of Mystery boxes, 3 of them are permanently available in the tent, others will be time limited ones on a rotation and so may not always be available.

Permanent boxes

Limited time boxes

Some Prize tent mystery boxes will be available at level 9 when the tent unlocks and some of the boxes will become available at higher levels.

The Token mystery box becomes available at level 12 when the Food Club feature is unlocked and the Luxury mystery box is unlocked at level 16.

• Token Box (level 12) - The token box gives you a chance to get tokens that can be used for Food Club event boosts.

• Treasure Box - The treasure box will contain tokens that can be used for Food Club events boosts or Blue Vouchers.

• Voucher Box - The voucher box holds Gold, Silver or Bronze vouchers that can be used towards purchasing functional limited timed items.

• Collectibles Box - The collectible box offers the chance to get saws, gloves, toolboxes, planks, hard hats, instructions. Please note - If your pantry is full, items received from the box will be added on top of your current storage limits.

• Vintage Box - The vintage box holds previously released decorative items which are no longer available in the store.

• Luxury Box (level 16) - The luxury box contains previously released high-value items that are no longer available in the shop. These boxes may contain past limited edition pets or functional items which are no longer available for purchase in the store.

Occasionally we may introduce "stand alone" special edition boxes such as the Cafe box, these contain items not available in the general shop area and may or may not be repeated - so get them while you can.

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