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Guide: Chef's Challenge (Level 9)

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017 02:32PM UTC

Weekly Chef Challenge

The Chef’s Challenge unlocks at level 9! Once you reach this level you will be able to complete tasks to earn Chef Points, reach milestones to earn Blue Vouchers, and, after two milestones, become matched up with other players for a chance to win even more rewards!

The Chef Challenge is a weekly event that resets at the end of each week. Events run from Thursday 5pm GMT and last 6 days, ending the next Wednesday 5pm GMT, with a 24 hour cooldown period where there is no event.

Click on the chef hat icon located bottom right to access the Weekly Chef Challenge and open the task menu.

Tasks will appear on the board on the right, read the task description on the top of each image and follow the instructions in order to complete the task and earn Chef points.

Chef points are a new type of points, which give you the ability to earn rewards by completing tasks and hitting personal milestones.

Tip: Tap on each of the icons to get a hint on how to complete the task. The hint may also have a [?] button, click the [?] and it will take you directly where you need to go in order to begin the task.

To complete a task, follow the instructions above the task and complete the actions the required amount of times - after you have earned the total requirement, tap the yellow Collect Reward button.

Tasks can also be completed by using gems. The cost of completing a task is based on your progress within the task and is shown on the green Complete button.

The red trash can button allows you to dismiss an order. To dismiss an order without completing the task, click the red trash can.
You will see a message that says “Are you sure you want to discard this task?” Click yes or no.

After completing a task, there will be a 30 minute cooldown before next task appears. You can skip the cooldown wait using gems.

At the beginning of each Chef Challenge, Blake will be standing on the left hand side of the Task menu to let you know how many more Chef points you need to qualify, or he may give you some hints.

You can also earn Chef points by performing other actions in the game such as completing orders, completing event orders, completing food truck orders, and spinning the daily prize wheel.

Once you earn enough points to reach milestone two, you will qualify for the online leaderboard and be matched with 9 other players.
The leaderboard is based on the total cumulative number of chef points earned that week. For the rest of that event, you will compete with the same set of players.
The leaderboard will appear in Blake’s place - at the side of the tasks.

Types of Chef Challenge Tasks include:
• Collect regular dishes
• Collect food club event dishes
• Complete regular menu orders
• Complete take out requests
• Complete food truck orders
• Complete food club event orders

A progress bar appears at the top of the game screen at certain stages when you make progress on a task.

When the task is complete, the chef challenge progress bar turns gold and displays the amount of chef points that you have earned for completing the task. Tapping it will take you to the Chef Challenge Task menu.

The progress bar shows you where you are in relation to the next milestone. The milestone is indicated by the number on the chefs hat.

Upon reaching each milestone, you will receive a reward. Tap the box to claim your prize.

Continue to complete tasks for the duration of the chefs challenge which finishes every Wednesday at 5pm GMT.
Once the Chef’s Challenge finishes you will be be shown a popup (If you earned “0” points there will be no popup.)
If you have earned some points but did not qualify for leaderboard, you will just see a message to tell you that the event has ended.
If you qualified for leaderboard, you will see an message telling you that the event has ended and then another message to tell you that the results will be ready soon.​

Once the results are ready you will be asked to Tap to continue to the results screen.

Tapping the Great! button at the bottom of the screen will close the results screen and open the mystery box prize message.
If a new event is on, the tv crew will go into their normal active animations. If there is no event on, they will get on their scooter and drive away.

Depending on your final placement, you will receive 1 of 4 different looking mystery boxes.
• Gold box - 1st place
• Silver box - 2nd place
• Bronze box - 3rd place
• Voucher box - 4-10th place

The Chef's Challenge prizes include Blue Vouchers, these can be redeemed for a variety of exclusive in game items and can also be redeemed for various mystery boxes from the Prize tent.

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