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Guide: Promotional Video (Level 9)

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019 07:46PM UTC

Promotional Video ads

Video ads will unlock and be available at Level 9. When there is a video available for you to watch the screen will display as pictured below with the play button on it.

If you have not yet reached level 9 in the game or there is no promo video currently available to watch, the screen will display the Supersolid logo. Tapping the screen will have no effect.

How to watch videos and earn rewards.

1. Tap the play button on the TV screen a box will pop up saying Watch Free.
2. Tap on the Watch Free button and the short promo video will begin in full screen mode. Once the video ends x out of the screen (usually found at the top) An ingame message will appear thanking you for watching.
3. Click collect reward and the reward you have earned is automatically added to your inventory.

The type of reward you will receive is random and will be one of the following items.
• Gloves
• Saws
• Coins
• Gems*
*Gem rewards are a rare drop.

If you have supported Food street at any time in the past by in-game purchases, you do not need to watch videos to earn rewards. Instead, your billboard will display a gift icon when there is a reward to claim. You can collect your reward by tapping on the gift icon.

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