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Guide: Food Truck (Level 15)

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 02:11PM UTC
The Food Truck

The Food Truck feature unlocks at level 15. Once you reach this level a truck will arrive at your restaurant at regular intervals containing orders for you to fill in exchange for coins and XP.
Food trucks will arrive at your restaurant and stop near the billboard on the dock.

Tapping on the truck will display the orders you need to fill to complete the truck and earn the completion reward. Completion rewards include bronze or silver tickets, coins and XP points.

You are allowed to ask for help with two of the orders, to do this, tap on the order you need help with and select the helping hand option. The order will then display a red hand, alerting your friends that you require help with that particular order. A red hand will also appear above your truck.


Tapping on the order also displays the reward earned for filling that order and the amount of that particular item you have in stock. Once you have enough of the item stored in your fridge/pantry you can fill the order by tapping the green check button.

Completed orders will display as a closed container with a green check mark.

Above the Select an order panel is a timer displaying how long you have left to fill the truck orders before the truck leaves your restaurant. If your truck leaves before you have completed all the orders you will not receive your completion bonus. The completion bonus is displayed below the orders on the left bottom.


If you think the orders on your truck are too hard you have the option to dismiss the truck by tapping the button at bottom right.

Friends who complete an order for you will receive the coins and XP reward for that order. When a friend has completed an order for you, their profile image will display above the truck and also on the order they have filled.


Once all the orders on the truck are filled, the Dismiss Truck button will be replaced with a Complete Now button - you MUST click this button in order to send away your truck and claim your rewards.

Food Trucks remain at your restaurant for 16 hours. Once they leave, a notice board is displayed in the Truck’s parking spot. Clicking on this notice board will tell you how long to go before the next truck arrives and will also give you a hint to one of the required items.


The time that your food truck arrives depends on when you send it away. It arrives again 6 hours after it has been sent away.

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