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Guide: Food Clubs and events (Level 12)

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 01:34PM UTC
Food Clubs

Once you reach level 12 you can create or join a Food Club which has an in-game chat where you can talk with your fellow Food Club members and donate ingredients/cooked dishes. You can also participate in Food club events together!

1) To unlock the food club feature, tap on the construction area to the left of your restaurant and pay the 2,000 coins construction fee. The construction takes 24 hours to complete.

Once complete, tap on the clubhouse (red and white striped roof) to be given the option of either joining or creating a food club. Creating your own club will cost 2,000 coins, joining an existing one is free.
If you create your own club, you will need to select a name and icon for it, and then set it to either Ask to join or Anyone can join. The Ask to join setting means players must request access to your club, and you have the option of either accepting them or denying them. (If a player is denied access to your club, they cannot request again for 24 hours)

2) Once your Food club is established or you have joined an existing one, you can access the Food club chat by tapping the chat bubble on the left side of the screen.

Here you can chat to your club mates and use the Help request feature which allows you to ask your club mates for help with a certain ingredient or dish and also to fulfil any requests others have made.
The help request section is accessed by tapping the Loudspeaker tab located directly beneath the chat bubble when chat is in open mode.

Currently, the personal inbox tab (envelope) is only used for receiving official notices that might be sent from Food Street to you and responses to Food Club requests that you may have sent, which would be notices of being accepted or declined as a member.

3) Food club events occur at regular intervals throughout the year, a few days before an event starts, the Food club area will become a building site. Clicking on the notice board will tell you how long to go before the event starts.

Once the event starts you will be given a starter package of ingredients and tokens and you will see growing plots and cooking stalls on the food club area. These work in exactly the same way as your garden plots and stoves.

Click the event notice board to see orders which you need to fill in order to score event points.

Your club needs to score 5,000 points in order to qualify for the event and be matched against other food clubs. To see how many points you still require, tap the leaderboard button at top right above the event orders.

When you have qualified for the event you will see your position in regards to other food clubs you are matched against in the Club ranking tab. You can also check the individual scores of your members by tapping the Members tab.

In order to unlock your personal event badge and be eligible for any prizes your club wins, you will need to complete 10 orders. Once you have unlocked your badge, you will be notified via the Food club chat.

Ingredients, crops and finished dishes will all be stored in the Food club storage bin, this is separate from your restaurant storage/fridge and will only store event foods.

Tap on the storage bin which is located next to the clubhouse to see how many of each crop/dish you have available for use.
You must retain at least one crop in your storage in order to plant and grow more. If you accidentally run out of a crop, you will be given a free one to plant. Also, you can exchange other crops for the one you need via the crop master. The crop master is located at the top left corner of the event area and is represented by a seasonal character or a girl listening to music.

Tap on the crop master and look for the crop you require, you will see the exchange crop and number required just below the crop image and the time taken for the exchange displayed above. Tap on Exchange and the crop will appear in one of the empty slots at the bottom of the screen. The crops used in the exchange will be removed from your inventory. Once the allotted time has passed tap on your new crop to collect it.

Above the orders on the notice board is your personal progress bar, this shows you how many event points you need to reach your next personal reward. Personal rewards are exclusively for you and consist of gems, coins, gold, silver and bronze vouchers, collectibles and tokens (see below).

Tokens can be collected via personal rewards in events or by purchasing a tokens box from the Prize tent. You may also request them via the Help request tab. Tokens are stored in the token bin at bottom right of your event area and are used to purchase boosts for your event cooking stalls plus extra cooking slots and growing plots.

To be eligible to purchase boosts you must first hit milestones in the event by cooking and filling orders. Once you reach the first milestone you will be able to use tokens to purchase the first of three boosts for your dishes. Reach the second and third milestones to purchase all available boosts. Boosts allow you to earn more points per order and also to speed cooking times.

To boost your dishes, click on the blue plus sign and then on the upgrade now button. The Upgrade now button will tell you the token(s) you need to use to activate the boost. If you do not have the required token you will need to acquire one from the prize tent or by asking friends for help.

Continue to fill orders and gain points for the duration of the event in order to gain maximum prizes for you and your food club.


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