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Guide: Trading (Level 7)

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017 02:06PM UTC


The trading feature in game allows players to buy and sell ingredients on the open market. The feature unlocks at level 7 and the market stall can be found located next to the news stand. 
You can access the trading feature in a few different ways
- Tapping on the Market stall
- Tapping the red and green arrows located bottom left on screen
- Tapping the market of a friend/ fellow Food Club member whilst visiting their restaurant.

1) To sell items on the market, open trading and tap “My trades”.

• Tapping on one of the trading boxes will open a drop down menu - choose the item and quantity you wish to sell and adjust the price if required, then tap “Put on sale”.

• All players start with three trading slots, but additional slots can be unlocked for a small gem cost.
• Your items are now available in the Market for friends and players worldwide to purchase.
• Once your items have been purchased the trading box will turn yellow and a sold sign will appear across it. Tap on the trading box to collect your money from the sale.

• Depending on the demand of the item(s) you have for sale it can sometimes take a while for your items to sell. If your item has not sold within 24 hours it becomes available for game characters to purchase.
This can take from 0-48 hours dependant on your selling price.
• Cancelling the sale of an item costs gems and you will lose the ingredient/dish.
• To cancel the sale of an item tap on the trading crate - you will be given a message asking you if you wish to proceed and warning you that you will lose the item. Tap remove to proceed, 5 gems will be removed from your total.

2) To purchase items on the market, open trading as above.
• You will see two tabs, Friends and World. Friends tab will allow you to browse dishes/ingredients your friends have up for sale and the World tab will allow you to browse dishes/ingredients up for sale from players around the world.

• Click on an ingredient/dish to purchase that item. The cost of the item will automatically be deducted from your balance and credited to the seller and the item will be added to your inventory.
• Items already purchased by another player will show as sold.
• The World tab can be refreshed every 10 minutes with a new list of items available being displayed. This 10 minute period can be skipped for a cost of 2 gems.

• You may only purchase items you have unlocked. If an item in the market is one you have not unlocked yet, an image of a lock will appear on it with the level it unlocks at.

• If you do not have enough storage space for the item you are attempting to purchase, a notification will pop up letting you know your storage is full and the sale will not go through.
• By design the world market refreshes every 30 seconds, this may result in an item displaying as available for purchase to you, when it has already been bought by another player within that 30 seconds.
• Selecting Stella’s Cafe from your friends list will bring up items Stella has for sale. These items are only available to you and will reset at midnight GMT each day.

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